The combat mech is the most common mech found throughout enslaved and varey in condition, some being forgotten for years and have began to rust and fall apart others more modern and clean. Either way you find them they are equaly dangerous, buy the forgotten can be used to your advantage, they may have a loose limb or circut that can be exploited.

This mech has large scissor like claws that will cut, pinch, and slash though many materials, they are also effective at blocking. They are very flexiable, even the older modles, and can climb, jump, and run at high speeds, easily flanking some one. It is likely that the reason these mechs were chosen to be massed produced over other varieties of mechs was because of the cost, effectiveness, conservation of energy, and the fact that a machine without a gun does have the threat of jamming or running out of ammo, as other models do.

For defense they have large blades on their backs, most likely to prevent someone ambushing them from behind, and other blades ealswhere one there body. sence they cannot pick up properly with there "hands" they use their feet to life objects and people alike, there middle section is very thin and is considered the week spot of there body, if you manage to hit it right you can cut one in half. The other weak spot is there neck, it can be easily rips off or cut off, but the mech will still function even though it can't see. And lastly the arm joints are the other week parts of the body but they cannot be easily rips off, as it takes a tremendous amount of strength to do so.