The Rhino is a large mech boss encountered in the Titan Graveyard.


In their search for parts to animate the Leviathan Monkey Trip and Pigsy encounter the Rhino in an enclosed area made of a mech's hand. Monkey descends to search the area and accidentally activates the Rhino, forcing him to dodge and evade on his cloud. During the fight Pigsy expressed as veiled desire for Monkey to be killed by the Rhino. In spite of this Pigsy attempts to aid Monkey by throwing grenades which Monkey can blast with his staff as the Rhino approaches them.

After the fight Monkey confronts Pigsy who believs that Monkey was making a move on Trip, with whom Pigsy was interested. In the middle of their fight Trip attempts to salvage the necessary parts and accidentaly re-activates the Rhino which carreis her off through the graveyard. Monkey gives chase and kills the Rhino and rescues Trip which convinces Pigsy to abandon his pursuit of Trip.


The Rhino mech is the rarest mech in the game as it only appears once, but it is the strongest, toughest, and biggest mech you face (other than the Scorpion). It has a large thick metal sheld that it folds over it's face to protect it from fire and while its charging. This mech has two main attacks charging and stomping. When it is charging it will pull its sheld down and run at full force correcting it trajectory in mid charge even though it cant see with its sheld down. The other attack is simpler but effective, stomping, while stomping it will send a shock wave thought the area disrupting anything near it. This mech is very rare though out the world of Enslaved but is extremley effective and is probably one of the best and toughest mech thought out the game as it has been shown to withstand fire, smaller explosives, and gunfire.